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India accepts election, ‘fair’ or ‘unfair’ don’t matter

Posted by ohnepal on April 11, 2007

Today the Indian Government (Indian National congress and the commies of India) ‘officially’ accepted that they want election in Nepal – ‘fair’ or ‘unfair’ one does not matter. Indian Ambassador Shiv Shanker Mukherjee Wednesday said that Nepal could “set its own example” on the issue of holding timely elections to the Constituent Assembly (CA). “Finalising election policies to meet international standards is not a priority issue.” First question would be, who is the Indian Envoy to question or to tell the Nepalis on how ‘legitimate’ or ‘internationally accepted’ the elections in Nepal should be? Never mind.

International standards demand that governments announce election dates 120 days or 4 months ahead of the actual day. And there are only 70 days left till the ‘supposed’ day (June 20, 2007) of constituency assembly elections.

We agree that the elections in India are not the most democratic affairs and booth capturing and vote rigging is a common practice but why is the Indian government so adamant at having elections in Nepal when the latter country is going through a virtual civil war? Why is Indian government so adamant at having a ‘legitimate’ puppet government in Nepal which doesn’t even carry any popular support? They already have a government currently in Nepal which is toe-toeing with them. Why is the Indian government ready to accept the elections when the UN and the US embassies and even the Nepali politicians (of criminal SPAM parties) have accepted that these are ‘Abnormal circumstances’ and the voting would be Abnormal? When there are gun trotting gangs roaming freely and intimidating people no elections are going to be had in a ‘free’ and ‘fair’ manner? Nepal is under a virtual civil war with murders and extortion taking place rampant. The Constituent Assembly elections are supposed to be a decisive phase in Nepal’s history and if these elections are not held in ‘free’ and ‘fair’ manner than the entire foundation of ‘Naya (new) Nepal’ (that the Indians and SPAM parties of Nepal) want to make will be illegitimate and weak. When there are the gangs of SPAM parties roaming around freely around the country and threatening everyone that even raises a voice to question them, how are the elections going to be held fairly? So does the Indian government just want that the people (being intimated by SPAM) go out and vote for the SPAM parties without knowing what their ‘manifesto’ is? Around 80% of the electorate in Nepal doesn’t even know the meaning of ‘constituent assembly’ and yet the Indian government is Desperate to have elections in Nepal! If they just want the elections for the ‘Sake’ of it than why are they evening making such a ‘fuss’ because of which Nepalis are getting killed everyday? Why don’t they just go ahead and have elections Now, so that the killings stop and we Nepalis for once start accepting ourselves as the 36th state of India!

Not only the above, the Indian government goes on to say that, Nepal could set its own examples in this regards as it had done during the peace process. How Democratic of you Honorable Ambassador. If you mean the ‘Peace’ process in Nepal has indeed taken place we would ask you to drop the ‘terrorist’ charges against the ‘Kashmiri’ insurgents or the ‘Naxalites’ and make peace with them. Here you are forcing us to accept the terrorists (funded by you) hook or crook and you wouldn’t do the same in your own den! These terrorists kill us day in and day out!

The entire Internationally accepted principles of elections are going to be thrown into the dustbin just because India and SPAM parties want the elections in these ‘abnormal’ circumstances…

How can a Democratic country like India say that SPAM parties can do whatever they want? There is Nepal beyond SPAM parties and we need to act freely and independently to decide our Own future.

Perhaps India (Indian National Congress) is too desperate to have ‘legitimate’ puppets in Nepal and too desperate to get rid of ’anyone’ that questions it’s hegemonies in Nepal.

We call upon you Honorable Indian Ambassador to Nepal, Mr Mukherjee, to accept some ‘Democratic’, ‘Ethical’ and ‘Peaceful’ principles and allow the Nepalis to decide their own fate in ‘Free’, ‘Fair’ and ‘Fearless’ manner. Such comments coming from the mouth of a ‘Responsible’ country doesn’t suit, especially when the entire world is thinking the opposite.

Perhaps you need to check the article on how the terrorists are grabbing Nepali citizenship to ‘influence’ the Nepali elections. How fair of you Mr Ambassador.

The above analysis was done based on the news below found at SPAM and Indian mouthpiece Kantipuronline.com

Election policies to meet int’l standards not a priority: Indian envoy

Kantipur Report

KATHMANDU, April 11 – Indian Ambassador Shiv Shanker Mukherjee Wednesday said that Nepal could “set its own example” on the issue of holding timely elections to the Constituent Assembly (CA).

The Indian Ambassador’s statement comes amidst comments from some diplomatic corps in the capital that holding of the CA elections by stipulated time was not possible, and that the election would lose its credibility in front of the world community, if held forcefully.

Talking to reporters after a meeting with Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala this morning, Mukherjee said, “Finalising election policies to meet international standards is not a priority issue” adding that Nepal could set its own examples in this regards as it had done during the peace process.

He further clarified that the Indian government would “support and assist” whatever election date the eight parties decide on.

International standards demand that governments announce election dates 120 days or 4 months ahead of the actual day.

The Indian envoy had called on PM Koirala to discuss border security issues.

According to sources, during the 20-minute long discussion held this morning at the PM’s Baluwatar residence, the duo deliberated ways to strengthen security vigilance at the Indo-Nepal borders.

The Indian Foreign Minister Pranab Mukharjee, during the recently concluded 14th SAARC Summit in New Delhi, had expressed commitment towards making stronger security arrangements to prevent criminal activities in the Terai region, where evidences have pointed towards involvement of Indian criminal elements in the recent string of unruly activities there.

Indian Embassy spokesperson Gopal Bagle informed that the meeting had discussed the latest political developments in Nepal and the challenges that lay ahead.

( Source of above news: Kantipuronline.com )


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Free for all, Even Terrorists

Posted by ohnepal on April 10, 2007

This news will astonish some non-Nepalis…except Nepali people themselves. The Maoist terrorists went to the (illegal) Election Commission to register themselves as a party on Monday (09th April, 2007) but they could not get registered themselves because two of their comrades “Ram Bahadur Thapa ‘Badal’ and Barsha Man Pun ‘Anant’ did not have citizenship certificates.”

Now, how could anyone go to the Election Commission without being a Nepali citizen? How could a person try to be elected as a politician in Nepal without even caring for getting a Nepali citizenship all his life? Perhaps he didn’t fit the ‘criteria’ to be a Nepali? Perhaps he is a non-Nepali by nationality? This baffles you? Nevermind.

No citizenship? No problem. You desire to take part in sham Elections in Nepal? You have the blessings of SPAM Government and foreign interference in Nepal. So, “The two leaders acquired Nepali citizenship certificate from the District Administration Office of Kathmandu on Monday.”

Well well, further analysis can be done by you on how and who are getting into the Election mood and ‘how’ and ‘who’ are going to win it. Not Nepalis, none for sure!

How nefarious can things get in Nepal? Everything that is happening here is a virtual sham. The Maoists and SPAm can do anything and everything there and the public is just clueless and helpless. The Indians and the UN have managed to get their way in Nepal…we have another Sri Lanka (civil war torn country) in the waiting!

The above analysis was done based on the news found below at Nepalnews.com

CPN (Maoist) registered at Election Commission

The CPN (Maoist) registered itself at the Election Commission (EC) Tuesday to participate in the upcoming constituent assembly election.

A team of Maoist leaders led by second-in-command Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai went to the EC to registration application for party registration. Maoist spokesperson Krishna Bahadur Mahara, who is also the Minister for Information and Communication, central leaders CP Gajurel, Dina Nath Sharma, Khim Lal Devkota, Agni Sapkota and party activists were in the team.

Talking to journalists after submitting application for party registration, Dr. Bhattarai said that the CA polls must be held in the stipulated time. He added, “Our party will launch publicity campaign for the CA polls from today itself.”

On the party’s election symbol, Dr Bhattrai only said the registered symbols could be ‘revised’.

Commenting on the provision of submitting 10,000 signatures for the purpose of registering new party, Dr. Bhattrai said the provision was brought as a party without the support of 10,000 people should not be considered a political party.

Ruling eight political parties have agreed to hold the CA election on June 20, but the government is yet to formally declare the election date.

This is the first time the Maoists have applied for the registration at the EC after they launched their armed movement from 1996.

Maoists have joined mainstream politics and have joined the interim parliament and the government following the success of the April movement.

The party could not submit the application on Monday, as its leaders Ram Bahadur Thapa ‘Badal’ and Barsha Man Pun ‘Anant’ did not have citizenship certificates.

The two leaders acquired Nepali citizenship certificate from the District Administration Office of Kathmandu on Monday.

CPN-UML, Nepali Congress, Nepali Congress (Democratic), Rastriya Prajatantra Party and Rastriya Janashakti Party have already registered at the EC. nepalnews.com pb/ia Apr 10 07

( Source of above news: Nepalnews.com )

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Nepal Human Rights Violence

Posted by ohnepal on April 2, 2007

Most of the hypocrite world and media has turned a blind eye on the blatant human rights violence in Nepal under the Government of Terrorism. Of course the hegemonists at the UN, India, EU and elsewhere busy getting a pie out of Nepal by supporting terrorism terrorism and gross human rights violators there. These were the same people who supported the Warlords in various other countries of the world. I thought, I would share this small piece of news which otherwise will get mostly unnoticed in the the World Media.

In the following article there is a mention of Security Forces. The Security Forces are running directly under the Power of Terrorists.

Could you just compare this Human Rights violence under the rule of the King? Under the rule of King and his Democracy the terrorists were killed and the world (under the influence of India) tried to show the King as Killer. Now 5 times more people (ordinary citizens) are being killed (with many more instances not coming to public) by the terrorist government of Nepal and the world is saying that Nepal is moving towards peace.

Bye Bye Peace.

NHRC records 640 cases of human rights abuses in four months

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has recorded 640 cases of human rights violations including murder, abduction and disappearance within a period of four months – from October 31, 2006 to February 5 this year.

A NHRC report publicised today says that out of the total 640 recorded cases, 123 people were killed – 86 by the security forces, 30 by the Maoists and 7 people by others including the two factions of Janatantrik Terai Mukti Murcha (JTMM). Most of the murder cases occurred in Terai districts like Bara, Sarlahi, Morang, Sunsari and Dhanusha.

Similarly, 65 people were abducted by the Maoists during the four months period while the security forces were responsible for disappearance of 65 people. 20 people were abducted, or involuntarily disappeared, by other groups.

According to the NHRC report, 66 people underwent torture – 32 by security persons, 27 by Maoists and six by others. Likewise, 57 people were displaced due to Maoist threats. The Maoists seized properties of 41 people during this period.

Other cases of human rights violation include threats, mistreatment and exploitation of children and others.

Speaking at the programme organised to publicise the report, NHRC secretary Dhruba Nepal said human rights violations continued despite the signing of comprehensive peace accord.

Nepal said both the government and the Maoists must work seriously to end the culture of impunity. He also demanded that the government appoint senior officials at the NHRC as early as possible. nepalnews.com mk Apr 02 07

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Maoist MP brags about his pistol

Posted by ohnepal on February 27, 2007

No matter how hard you try, you cannot straighten up a dog’s tail.

The vicious warlords are running all over the country with guns in their hands and creating mayhem. Now, they are right there in the parliament with their guns. The undue hardships being faced by ordinary Nepalis in this so-called/phony Democracy has become unsurmountable. Some of the ‘powers that be’ might have smirks in their faces seeing the carnage in Nepal caused by these SPAM warlords (Terrorist Government of Nepal) but our heart goes out for those millions who are being subjected to this state sponsored terrorism.

The following is another account of a Maoist terrorist (who has become a Member of Parliament by sheer terrorism sponsored by Nepal’s powerful southern Neighbour) , never elected by the people, MP showing his dreaded skills in the Parliament. The noticeable part is that the weapon he is carrying is supposed to be locked under UN supervision in Nepal. This shows the kind of conspiracy that has/is being hatched in Nepal by the ‘powers that be’ of the world.

P.S.: We have italicized the parts that we felt were important to be noticed.

Maoist MP brags about his pistol

To the discomfiture of other lawmakers, a Maoist MP bragged that he was still carrying his pistol during an all party meet being held in the parliament secretariat.

Lokendra Bista, Maoist MP, boasted that he had a pistol in his pocket and claimed it was already registered by the UNMIN. Bista dared others to take action against him.

At the meeting convened by Speaker Subas Nemwang to discuss camp management, Bista made un-parliamentary remarks compelling Nemwang to intervene and ask him to watch his words. “I hope the overfed pigs will not have to be thrashed,” Bista said at the meeting.

Bista’s words also forced Home Minister Krishna Prasad Sitaula to seek apology from the lawmakers. Later, Maoist spokesperson Krishna Mahara told journalists that Bista used such words by mistake.

Interestingly, it was from the guard of Bista that police had confiscated weapons recently in Singha Durbar. nepalnews.com sd Feb 27 07

( Source of above news:Nepalnews.com )

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Gularia tense after Maoist attack victim dies

Posted by ohnepal on February 26, 2007

SPAM warlords are continuing to hogwash the increasing acts of terrorism committed by themselves. Instead they are following a policy of Kill Nepalis and at the same time punish the Nepalis/King/Royalists/Mandales/Madhesis/Regressive/Feudalists/, etc. (the various names that they have given to the voices that are raised against their atrocities).

Terai and all of Nepal is burning and their are communal and civil riots all over the place but SPAM warlords are busy dividing the Nepal booty among themselves and blaming the King and others.

Yet another act of terrorism reported in the SPAM mouthpiece (Kantipur) itself. Various other reports of terrorism and crime are going unreported by the sold out media.

Gularia tense after Maoist attack victim dies

Kantipur Report

KATHMANDU, Feb 26 – Gularia remained tense following the death of a person who was injured during an attack by the Maoists on Sunday.

According to a local Ram Lal Yadav, one Zileram Yadav of Gularia-3 was injured in a Maoist attack while attending a marriage procession.

Yadav had died Monday morning while undergoing treatment in India.

The body of the deceased was brought back to the district hospital for post mortem from Baharaich, India, where he was undergoing treatment.

Meanwhile, Arun Kumar Yadav, who was also injured in the attack, is out of danger now.

As soon as the news of the incident spread, the hospital premises were thronged by worried locals. The police have heightened security in the premises to avoid any untoward incident.

Meanwhile, Bardia was affected on the second day of the indefinite strike called by the Madhesi community demanding the release of a local Kittu Yadav. Yadav, who was accused of murdering a local Maoist Madhesi leader Nankau Godia, was taken into police custody on Thursday.

Due to the banda, shops, businesses, transportation services and factories in the headquarters Guleria are completely shut.

According to the police, vehicular movement on the east-west Mahendra Highway and the Nepalgunj-Guleria road has been completely halted.

On the other hand, Maoists allege that it is a “conspiracy” to foil the mass meeting to be held tomorrow in Nepalgunj, which is to be addressed by the Maoist chairman Prachanda.

Posted on: 2007-02-26 07:12:50 (Server Time)

( Source of above news: eKantipur.com )

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